Outsmart Me

"Outsmart Me!" is a fantastic quiz-like game in which you'll be able to shine your best by answering as many questions as you can. The rules are very simple. More questions you answer, more points you'll get. If you answer questions fast, additional points will be going your way. By successful completion of any given round, you'll receive bonus points, that will be accumulated towards your final score. The game consists of 3 modes with 3 difficulty levels in each. As a player, you'll be able to choose any mode and any difficulty level at any time. After successfull completion of any mode, you'll be invited to participate in a Super Game!, where you as a player will have to manually type-in the answer to the given question. Anybody can guess correct answer with provided multiple choice, however, not every body can come up with an answer from their head, especially under pressure from that little clock ticking the time away. Hard work pays!! By successful completion of the Super Game!, you'll be awarded 3 times the amount of collected points.

NOOK App : Outsmart Me!